Turns and Revolutions in Popular Music.

Proceedings from the XX Biennial Conference of IASPM, Canberra, Australia, 24th – 28th June 2019.

Edited by Kimi Kärki


ISSN 1797-318X (online)
ISBN 978-951-29-8524-1

This publication has not been peer-reviewed, and as such, it is a traditional direct proceedings book that more or less aims to follow the logic of the original conference presentations.


Table of Contents


Kimi Kärki
Hear the Sound of Rawness: On IASPM, Canberra, and Proceedings


Anne Barjolin-Smith
Glocalization of Surf Music: The Floridian Strand

Matt Brennan
Three Short Films

Isabel Campelo
Reflections Upon the “Genderdization” of Popular Music Professions – the Portuguese Case

Martin Cloonan
Working for Music?

André Doehring, Kai Ginkel & Eva Krisper
Remixes. Remix. Popular Music Research. Potentials for Methodological Redesign

Peter Doyle
“I just threw my last bottle at the jukebox…”: male brooding, bathos and recorded interiority in country music’s classic period

Mario Dunkel, Melanie Schiller & Anna Schwenck
Researching Popular Music and the Rise of Populism in Europe

Nathan Fleshner
Kanye West and the Uncanny: Eerie and Familiar Associations in “Fade” and “Famous”

Magdalena Fuernkranz
Rewriting Austrian Jazz Histor(iograph)y. A Critical Approach

Paula Guerra
From Punk to Funk: Some theoretical and analytical reconsiderations

Paula Guerra & Carles Feixa-Pampols
The Songs of Crisis: Words that draw identities in protest songs at Global South

Chihiro Homma
Singing an Original Song with a National Anthem: God save the king des Français by P.-A.-A. de Piis

Adil Johan
Intimacies Of Sudirman: A Voice for Malaysian Inclusivity and Diversity

Henry Johnson
Chinese Tom-toms and Jazz: The Cultural Assemblage of the Early Drum Kit

Daniel Lee, William Baker & Nick Haywood
Guitar Tuition in Australian Tertiary Institutions: Impact of Contemporary Music Pedagogies

Crisancti L. Macazo
Philippine Cinema Soundtrack: A Trialectic Mediation of Sound and Image Historiophoty


John Mullen
Slogans, Prayers and Mantras: Popular Song as Role Play, and the Experience of Singing Along

Hiroshi Ogava
Body/Emotion Management through Music and Emotional Labor: Towards Theory of Groove and Society

Fiorenzo Palermo
Three Case Studies in the Epistemology of the Gay Male Closet in Popular Music

Shams Bin Quader
Digital DIY in the Central Sydney Independent Music Scene

Martin Ringsmut
”Our Way”: Musical commemorations of the persecution of German Sinti during WWII

Julie Rickwood
Mapping Popular Music Exhibitions in Australia

Robin Ryan
Time to Turn South: Establishing a Major Aboriginal Cultural Festival in the Far South East Region of New South Wales

Aline Scott-Maxwell
Pop As Art, Pop As Exotica: Cross-border Flows of Indonesian Alternative Popular Music Acts Into Australian Contemporary ‘Art’/Performance Contexts

Saesha Senger
Nostalgia, Appropriation, and the New Right in Early 1990s Pop

Martha Tupinambá de Ulhôa
The Waltz and Women’s Education in the Folhetim Section of the Diário do Rio de Janeiro

John Whiteoak
Why “The Tango-Rag”? An Interrupted Revolution in Early Australian Popular Music and Dance



Please mention the bibliographic information when referring to this book:
Turns and Revolutions in Popular Music. Proceedings from the XX Biennial Conference of IASPM, Canberra, Australia, 24th-28th June 2019. Edited by Kimi Kärki. Turku: International Institute for Popular Culture, 2021. (Available as an e-Book at http://iipcblog.wordpress.com/publications/).