History of Stardom Reconsidered


The refereed proceedings of the inaugural conference of IIPC,
University of Turku, 9-11 November 2006

Edited by

Kari Kallioniemi, Kimi Kärki, Janne Mäkelä & Hannu Salmi


Editorial Board

Martin Cloonan

Bruce Johnson

Justin O’Connor


IIPC Publication Series 1 (Turku: International Institute for Popular Culture, 2007)


ISSN 1797-318X

ISBN 978-951-29-3472-0 




Introduction: Stars, History, and the Media


I Shaping the Stars: Production


Laura Ahonen: In the Spotlight and Underground – Constructing (Anti)Stardom in Popular Music


Rami Mähkä: Comedians as Stars: The Monty Python Troupe


Zohar Altman Ravid: The star as a Creation and the Star as a creator: The Case of Barbra Streisand


Sven-Erik Klinkmann: Retro Icons and Anachronistic Artists


Kimi Kärki: Cutting the Moss with Laser Beams: The Uses of History in The Rolling Stones Bridges To Babylon Stadium Tour


Wing-Fai Leung: Discursive Stardom in Hong Kong and the Missing Referents


Lisa Bode: ‘Grave Robbing’ or ‘Career Comeback’? On the Digital Resurrection of Dead Screen Stars


Jamil Dakhlia: From the Olympians to the Ordinary Heroes: Stars in the French Popular Press



II Shining Stars: Identities


Susan Hayward: Stardom: Beyond Desire?


Anneli Lehtisalo: “Oh, My Sweet Hero!” The Filmstar Leif Wager as Emperor Alexander I in Tanssi yli hautojen (1950)


Anu Lahtinen: “In Finland I am the MAN!” Gender, Irony and Exoticism in Late Night with Conan O’Brien


Outi Hakola: On-screen and Off-screen Monstrosity of Béla Lugosi and Boris Karloff


Veronika Munk: "Play to Me Gypsy!" How Roma Stars' Image Change in Hungarian Media


Andrea Viniczai: National Characteristics of Hungarian Celebrity Culture


Linda Marchant: Concentrated Vision: Celebrity Images from the 1930s and 1940s


Laura Saarenmaa: Female Stars and the Tricky Question of Drinking


Janne Mäkelä: Finnkampen: Finland’s Envy for Swedish Pop Music Success in the 1990s



III Lighted by Stars: Audiences


Hanna Järvinen: Fans, Fawns and Fauns: Ballet Stardom, Dancing Genius and the Queer Afterlife of Vaslav Nijinsky


Jaakko Seppälä: Love, Hate and Suicidal Tendencies: The Construction of Rudolph Valentino’s Stardom in Finland 1923–1927


Anna Möttölä: Style Star – Admiring Audrey Hepburn in the 1950’s


Beate Peter: How Can We Tell the Dancer from the DJ? Althusser and Jung on Participant Roles in a Nightclub Setting


Joanne Cummings: We’re All in This Together: The Meanings Festivalgoers Attribute to Their Music Festival Participation


Kai Lothwesen & Daniel Müllensiefen: What Makes the Difference? Pop Music Stars and TV Talent Show Contestants in Adolescents’ Judgements



Please mention the bibliographic information when referring to this book:

History of Stardom Reconsidered. Edited by Kari Kallioniemi, Kimi Kärki, Janne Mäkelä and Hannu Salmi. Turku: International Institute for Popular Culture, 2007. (Available as an eBook at http://iipc.utu.fi/reconsidered/)