Imaginary Japan:


Japanese Fantasy in Contemporary Popular Culture

Edited by

Eija Niskanen



IIPC Publication Series 3 (Turku: International Institute for Popular Culture, 2010)

ISSN 1797-318X

ISBN 978-951-29-4520-7

 This collection has been peer-reviewed



Eija Niskanen: Introduction


List of Contributors & Acknowledgements


I Japanese Media Aesthetics

Machiko Kusahara: Wearing Media. Technology, Popular Culture and Art in Japanese Daily Life

Cindy Lisica: Generation Superflat: Fashion Fusions and Disappearing Divisions in the 21st Century

Lars-Martin Sorensen: The Bestseller Recipe: A Natural Explanation for the Global Success of Anime

Eija Niskanen: Riding Through Air and Water – The Relationship Between Character, Background, Fantasy and Realism in Hayao Miyazaki’s Films

II Trans-cultural Flows

Alexander Zahlten: Meta-, Hyper-, Inter-, Super-. Anime, World Creation, and the Role of Film Festivals

Cobus van Staden: Mutations in Moominvalley: Globalization, Capitalism and the Cultural Identity of Fiction

Kelly Hansen: Japanese Horror: The Last Hold-Out in the Globalization of Japanese Pop Culture

Frans Mäyrä: Japanese Fantasy and the East-West Dialectic

Annamari Konttinen (panel discussion, Reported and translated by A.K.): What’s So Fascinating about It? Japanese Popular Culture in Finland Panel discussion at Cinema Orion on Saturday 20 September 2008

III Female Experience and Resistance in Japanese Cultural Practices

Tuuli Bollmann: He-Romance for Her – Yaoi, BL and Shounen-ai

Riikka Matala: Coffee Girls – Reflections of Lived Cultures

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